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IN 2005, the OVERWHELMING demand for PROPERTIES within Central Trinidad, prompted Mr Colin Ghouralal, to establish TT Property Search; as a premiere search Agency for properties of varying types, shapes and sizes ALL over Trinidad and Tobago. 
Over the years, demand keeps growing exponentially, so much so, that the business has expanded nationwide with a mission to include most if not all the districts in our beautiful country.
Presently all eight (8) Counties have listings including Tobago.
Whether the requests are for Agricultural, Residential or Commercial lands. Regardless of the areas: TT Property Search has a team of four Field Agents continuously looking for properties to suit various demands.
A growing number of companies, with respected Brokers and Agents, have been co-brokering with us to ensure their land listings gets the most market exposure, as is evidenced by the rating as the most viewed for lands searches in Trinidad and Tobago.
See for yourself: check out our site detailing our vast catalogue of listings.
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Trincity Business Park: Land - 20,000 SQFT


A prime opportunity for establishing corporate headquarters or rental office space. This parcel of land is ideal for commercial development and is well suited, for anyone looking to build. Particularly an investor or business owner looking to build a commercial property in a prime location (for resale or rent).

Timberland Park: Land - Arima Prime 10,000 SQFT


A prime opportunity for secure and comfortable living: This parcel of land is ideal for residential development and is well suited, for anyone looking to build, or an investor looking to build a property in a prime location (for resale or rent). With this in mind it can be used as the basis for a large family home, apartments or an apartment building.

Santa Cruz Quarry: Land - 37 Acre

San Juan

An unmissable opportunity: The Santa Cruz 37 Acre Quarry, is an ideal investment for companies or investors operating in the construction Sector. The quarry features Blue - Metallic gravel and construction gravel.

Gran Couva: Land - 9.3 Acres


An oppertunity for agriculture and homesteads: This parcel of land is ideal for homestead development. It is well suited for anyone looking to live of the fat of the land and participate in an agricultural revival. In short: guarantee food security! With regards to size and location, this parcel measures in at 9.3 Acres.

Flanagin Town: Land - 2 large acreage Parcels


Large parcels of land, for food security: These parcels of land, represent a highly lucrative oppertunity. They are an ideal investment for agricultural purposes. It is well suited for anyone looking to live of the fat of the land and participate in an agricultural revival to guarantee food security. There are two (2) large agricultural acreage parcels available in the Flanagin Town development.

Millenium Lakes: Prime 16,000 SQFT


MILLENNIUM LAKES. Lovely 16,536 sft residential in a secure. gated community, next to the Golf course. $5.6m. ALL documents bank-ready. SERIOUS Buyers, call 620-7441 for more info.

San Juan: Land - Prime19,000 SQFT

San Juan

SAN JUAN, on Saddle Road. Prime 19,800 residential land for Commercial use, Townhouses or Apartments. $825,000 for Quick Sale. Call 375-7756 or 620-7441 more info.

Millenium Lake: Land - Prime 16,000 SQFT


Millennium Lake a) 375-7755 for more info.

Flanagin Town: Land -39 Acre


FLANAGIN Town 39 Acre, comprising 5 separate Deeds, 6 mins from La Vega. All Utilities 150m away on Gran Couva Main Road.

Gran Couva: Land - 300 Acres


GRAN COUVA. This whole 300 Acreage comprise 22 Estates, borderly-joined but with separate Deeds. The Gran Couva-Brasso Main runs through these lands with approx. 20% on the north and 80% on the south. Altogether, these lands comprise old/abandon Cocoa Estates, which was at peak production during the 50's and 60's years period. Approx. 60% of the land was Cocoa-cultivated.

Londenville: Land - 2.3 Acre Prime (20 T/C approved lots)


LONDENVILLE. Prime 2.3 Acres (20 lots)T/C Approval for Residential development into 7 plots (but could be upgraded to 14 plots). Also, 1 Acre for Agricultural purposes. on Main Road. (Also, comes with a 3-bedroom house). All documents bank-ready. $990k. Quick Sale. Call 375-7756 or 629-7441 for more info...

Granville: Land - 230 Acre Investment


GRANVILLE 230 Acres Investment. Located in the Southern Peninsula, South Trinidad, this basically virgin Estate is generally flat with gently undulating slopes and has approx. 3km lovely beachfront.
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